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Before You Say Goodbye cover


A timely book for EVERY youth and young adult to read. Created in a full colour magazine type layout, this 125 page book, contains eleven relevant sections that are geared for youth, young adults, parents and leaders. This is a thorough resource compiling information from Canadian stats, many amazing leaders and communicators across Canada, and is in response to the “Hemorrhaging Faith” study done by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada that focuses on why and when Canadian youth and young adults are leaving, staying and returning to church.
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Highpoint Kit: Good vs. Evil

In Good Vs. Evil, your kids discover God is the ultimate winner in the supernatural battle between good and evil. When they’re faced with good or evil choices in daily life, kids will be challenged to live for God and choose good. Featured country is Haiti

Fire Bible For Kids
Fire Bible for Kids NIV Paperback , Here is the first ever study Bible with an emphasis on the Holy Spirit written especially for kids ages 8-12. This fantastic new resource - Draws kids into the Word - Builds family values and combats secular ideals - Teaches how to apply biblical truths for daily living - Offers over 100 original, color illustrations Plus, this Bible includes many other great helps.


A Young Boy After God’s Heart
Boys have a lot competing for their attention, and peer pressure can be tremendous--making it a challenge to encourage them toward the things of God and living the Christian life.

Jim George helps young guys to understand why God is important in everything they do. And he teaches that the Bible has the answers for all the questions and issues they face as they grow older. 


A Young Girl After God’s Heart

Bestselling author Elizabeth George follows her popular teen books (more than 400,000 copies sold), including A Young Woman's Guide to Making Right Choices, by reaching out to tweens, ages 8 to 12, in A Girl after God's Own Heart. Upbeat and positive, Elizabeth provides biblical truths and suggestions so tweens can thrive. She reaches out to girls where they're at and addresses daily issues that concern them.


13 Most Important Bible Lessons For Kids About Living For Jesus
This book teaches upper elementary children (10- to 14- year-olds) the foundational truths of the Christian faith. Children learn how to live for Jesus by learning from his followers. Lessons use Scripture, conversation and hands-on activities to teach kid-sized theology.

Jesus Calling 365 Daily Devotional For Kids
Based on her original Jesus Calling, this version has been adapted in a language and fashion that kids and tweens can relate to their everyday lives.

Jesus Calling Story Book

Jesus is calling out to our hearts, and you can hear His voice in every story in the Bible. These carefully selected stories are paired with new children’s devotions from Sarah Young and will help young hearts understand God’s grand plan to send His Son, Jesus, to save His children and prepare a place for us in heaven. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/jesus-calling-storybook-by-sarah-young


Action Bible

Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever! And it features a captivating, up-to-date artwork style—making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture. The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow—and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax. The stories in The Action Bible communicate clearly and forcefully to contemporary readers. This compelling blend of clear writing plus dramatic images offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries. 

Heaven For Kids

In a language kids can understand, Randy Alcorn explores Biblical answers to the questions kids often have about heaven. As in the adult title, Heaven, he addresses the difference between the present Heaven, where we go when we die, and the New Earth, where we will live forever with Jesus after he returns. Intended for kids age 8-12, Heaven for Kids is sure to be an excellent resource for families. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/heaven-for-kids-by-randy-alcorn

Hiding The Word In My Heart: Fun Ways To Memorize Scriptures

Encourage your kids to start memorizing Scripture with Hiding the Word in My Heart. Hiding the Word in My Heart offers all the help and encouragement you need to get started or back in to the
habit of memorizing Scripture

Scripture Memory Card Game
Scripture is presented in a fun way as kids learn to commit God's Word to heart. Designed for the beginner as well as the advanced Bible scholar, each flash card includes 2 levels: easy and hard. The fun doesn't end there. A bonus free song download is included for "The Fruit of the Spirit"! This card deck is a great resource for Sunday school, VBS, and your own family game night.


Pray & Play Bible

Fourteen favorite Bible Stories spring to life with beautiful illustrations; easy, child-friendly language, and fun play that helps children enjoy and remember God's Word. With each story, you get 3 full pages of faith building activities, like simple songs, quick crafts, scrumptious snack ideas, games, service projects kids can do, and meaningful prayers--your children will love them all! Pray and Play Bible for Young Children is perfect for parents, grandparents, Sunday school teachers, and others who what children to snuggle up and listen to God's Word.

Come Into My Heart Lord Jesus
Teach your kids that God loves them at all times and that every prayer is meaningful and precious with Come into My Heart, Lord Jesus. With bright illustrations and an insightful text, kids will discover that God is always listening and ready to help.

Theo: Foundations of Faith
Join Theo and his mischievous little friends as they explore theological lessons life faith, obeying God's Word, forgiveness, the armor of God, sin and the plan of salvation. Each entertaining, animated episode corresponds with a printable lesson plan that digs deep into God's Word.



Parenting With Scripture
God's Word has something to say on every subject, but sometimes in the heat of that "teachable moment," we forget where to find a helpful verse about anger, forgiveness, or humility! Featuring topically arranged Scriptures on 101 topics, Durbin's handy guide provides relevant passages plus discussion questions, action recommendations, and helpful teaching tips for parents and older siblings.


40 Days 40 Bites A Family Guide To Pray For The World
In 40 tasty, easily digestible bites you can travel round God's amazing world and pray! This book covers over twenty different countries including Algeria, China, and North Korea. It covers a variety of issues such as poverty, clean water and translation. This family guide to praying for the world will open your eyes to the need and challenge you to come before God and pray


Lord Teach Me To Pray

Discover 4 Yourself, Children's Bible Study Series is an inductive Bible Studies for Kids continues in this exciting exploration of the power of prayer. As members in God's Special Forces, kids train to be communication experts. Using the illustration of "chain of command," Kay Arthur and Janna… their Father in heaven. The Lord's Prayer is the foundation of this special basic training

Praying Circles Around Your Children

Mark Batterson shares a perfect blend of biblical yet practical advice that will revolutionize your prayer life by giving you a new vocabulary and a new methodology. You'll see how prayer is your secret weapon. Through stories of parents just like you, Batterson shares five prayer circles that will not only help you pray for your kids, but also pray through your kids.

Kids' Travel Guide To The Lord's Prayer

Kids will go on journeys filled with stories, activities, ideas, and fun as they travel through the power of prayer. In 13 lessons, you'll use Jesus' guide to prayer to show children how God relates to them, and how they can relate to God! For children in Kindergarten to 5th Grade. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/kids'-travel-guide-to-the-lord's-prayer-by-group-publishing

Ignite Your Faith 365 Devotions To Set Your Faith On Fire

Christian teens often want to spend more time with God but don't know where to start. Or they've tried to develop a habit of personal quiet time only to be frustrated when they don't keep it up--or become bored with it because they're simply going through the motions. This devotional from the team at Ignite Your Faith magazine aims to change that with a collection of 365 reflections and activities that turns daily devotions into an adventure.

I'm A Christian-Now What?/Boys 100 Devotions For Boys 100 short devotions for boys ages 8 to 12 to guide them on their paths as new Christians.


I'm A Christian-Now What?/Girls 100 Devotions For Girls 100 short devotions for girls ages 8 to 12 to guide them on their paths as new Christians.

What The Bible Is All About: Bible Handbook For Kids  

An excellent and helpful tool to the Bible for kids (and adults!) Gospel Light's Bible handbook helps to paint the "big picture" of the life and times of the Bible and of the people and places featured. Filled with illustrations, backgrounds on the writers of each book, a "Jesus Connection" section for every book in the Bible, word definitions, and more—the ultimate guide to God's word!

What's In The Bible DVD #1 In The Beginning

In the Beginning introduces kids to the Bible and the book of beginnings, Genesis. Kids will learn about the key people in Genesis and the important lessons their stories teach us. Filled with original music, animation, puppets, and written creatively to teach kids about God and His Word. Approximately 56 minutes. (12 videos in this series)


Cranium Bible Game Edition
The outrageously fun award-winning board game packed with something, , Cranium gives everyone a chance to shine. Features 600 all-new cards and a 3-in-1 foldout game board lets you choose how long you play! Includes the Cranium board, 600 outrageous Cranium cards covering 14 fun activities, a 10-sided Cranium die, 2 tubs of cool Cranium Clay (NW 4oz., 113g), a timer, Cranium pads, pencils and 4 Cranium play pieces. For 4 or more players. Ages Teen & Adult


Love & Respect In The Family - The Respect Parents Desire; The Love Children Need
Children need love.  Parents need respect. It is as simple and complex as that! When frustrated with an unresponsive child, a parent doesn’t declare, “You don’t love me.” Instead the parent asserts, “You are being disrespectful right now.” A parent needs to feel respected, especially during conflicts. When upset a child does not whine, “You don’t respect me.” Instead, a child pouts, “You don’t love me.” A child needs to feel loved, especially during disputes.

No More Perfect Kids: Love The Kids For Who They Are Ones You Want By: Jill Savage, Kathy Koch

Frustrated with your kids? Keep in mind that they're created in God's image, not your own! One of the best gifts parents can give their children is to set them free to be all that God created them to be and release them from unrealistic expectations.

Pray For The World A New Prayer Resource From Operation World

For decades, has been the world's leading resource for people who want to impact the nations for Christ through prayer. Its twofold purpose has been to inform for prayer and to mobilize for mission. Now the research team of offers an accessible resource to facilitate prayer for the nations. The researchers asked Christian leaders in every country, "How should the body of Christ throughout the world be praying for your country?"


Faith Case: Investigating The Truth

Turn your kids (ages 5-12) into investigators as they join the bumbling Mr. Trench and the no- nonsense Commissioner in search of 16 foundational truths—biblical doctrines that are vital to kids’ faith. This video-based children’s church curriculum, developed by children’s pastors, lets your kids discover what they believe and why. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/faith-case-investigating-the-truth

My Name is Erin: One Girl's Mission to Make a Difference One Girl's Mission to Make a Difference

Do you often wonder why? Why am I here? Do I serve a purpose? God says yes. No matter your age or your circumstances - you have a powerful purpose. Do you have a passion for something? The poor? A country? Justice?  Because you are in school doesn't mean you can't do something about it now. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/my-name-is-erin-one-girl's-mission-to-make-a-difference-one-girl's-mission-to-make-a-difference


How To Study Your Bible, For Kids

The Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids teach children how to find out for themselves what the Bible is all about, and gives them fun and exciting ways to do it! In order to solve The Mystery of How to Study the Bible students must go through inductive detective training.

The Overlooked Generation: Parenting Teens And Tweens In A Complicated Culture By: Shannon Perry
Parents are desperate to know how to handle teenagers in today's society. As a trained counselor, former public school teacher, and full-time conference speaker, Shannon Perry addresses the issues that teens say cause them to feel "overlooked." As a result of feeling unnoticed, teenagers often make, of distractions that young people face in our culture. In The Overlooked Generation, Shannon addresses.

Seven Steps To Knowing And Doing the Will of God For Teens

More teenagers than ever before seem to be spinning their wheels a long time before gaining any traction in life. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/seven-steps-to-knowing-and-doing-the-will-of-god-for-teens

Sticky Faith
Almost any Christian parent wants their child to develop a faith that will stand the test of time - a faith that is strong and mature. However, statistics show that such a faith in high school students is becoming more rare with every passing year. Using this as their motivation, the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) developed Sticky Faith, a guide for Christian parents who are looking to nurture their children's spiritual growth. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/sticky-faith-by-kara-powell



Fast Track
Fast Track: Genesis to Revelation - Kids Leader Guide takes kids on an eight-week journey from Genesis through Revelation. Each session is multisensory. Through art, acting, and listening the Bible stories are sure to appeal to kids and will help them connect the people and events of the Bible to Jesus. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/fast-track-genesis-to-revelation-kids-lg-by-chad-hovind


Awesome Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know
Teach your 7-to-12-year-olds that the Bible isn't just for adults---it's for kids too! Featuring key verses enhanced by colorful graphics and kid-friendly explanations, this resource will help to sow the seeds of God's Word deep in kids' hearts.

Living In The Spirit Kids Sessions
Educate and energize children as they discover the Holy Spirit's power for their lives through these eight dynamic sessions. On the CD-ROM, you'll find lesson activities and printables, including Bible stories, cool object lessons, games, and more to help kids grow in their understanding of the Spirit. Most importantly, they'll learn who the Holy Spirit is and why being baptized in the Spirit is important. http://wordcom.paoc.org/products/living-in-the-spirit-kids-session-cd-rom-with-bonus-dvd

Power Of A Praying Kid
This book is a fun and "kid-friendly" approach to prayer for a very special audience. Written with young hearts in mind, this short, easy-to-read book for 7 to 12 year olds helps children learn to talk to God in a way that is meaningful and relational.