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The 4-14 Initiative is an annual focus of the PAOC in the month of April. You may have heard of the 4-14 Window. Studies show that individuals are the most open and receptive to making a personal commitment to Christ between the ages of 4 and 14 and that those who do so at this early stage of life are most likely to continue in their faith commitment.

Our focus in April 2017 is on children from the next generation who are in great need around the world.The PAOC and ERDO (Emergency Relief & Development Overseas) are partnering together to reach, care for and disciple children. ERDO is the humanitarian agency of the PAOC, and together we can make a greater impact on the lives of children both now and for eternity than we ever could individually.

This April,we are calling our Fellowship to prayer for children in need.
Please click here for our 30 Day Prayer Calendar.

Many of our PAOC global workers are involved directly with care as we partner with ERDO and its child sponsorship program. As they provide for children and their practical needs, they also have an opportunity to bring the good news of Jesus to these precious young lives. Meeting their spiritual needs has an eternal impact!

We are encouraging our PAOC family (you, your household, or your church family)to sponsor a child in need as part of our 4-14 Initiative in April. Many young lives have been identified – they just need us to link arms with them and to show we care in real ways which can lead to life transformation. Responding is simple and quick. You can do so right now, choosing your child and country, at erdo.ca/child-sponsorship.

Throughout the month of April, we invite you to follow us on social media and on our website for daily posts, prayer focuses, inspiring sponsorship stories and more!

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  What is 4-14? We will let Madison tell you all about it!