Seed Capital Project

Seed Capital Project (SCP) is launching in January 2014 out of a desire to fund church planting, and initially rural church plants in India led by Christo and Sarah Emmanuel.

SCP will establish groups, each with 10 partners @ $50/month, so $6000/yr per group. This will be used for a church plant including support for local leadership for the plant, evangelism, and finally obtaining a location for the church plant once a core group of believers is established. Thereafter, support will be provided for two more years at $3000/yr in order to enable it to become self-sufficient. The remaining $3000/yr raised per year, will be used towards the next church plant which will be completed over the same two year period. As a result each group of 10 partners will fully fund church plants at years 1, 3, 5, 7 and so on. We aim for partner groups to visit their church plants every few years.

All donations are eligible for tax receipts as project funds will be directly collected and administered by the PAOC to ensure strong controls; this results in a 10% PAOC admin fee. Please consider becoming a partner in a SCP group where your investment will grow the church and impact your world.

For further information please contact Shaun Price, Founder, Seed Capital Project at